Tree Pruning Tips

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tree pruning

Home repair and maintenance is more than just caring for the interior of your home or completing large bathroom remodeling projects and other upgrades. There are several chores you must complete for the exterior of your home too, including landscaping and tree pruning.

There are two kinds of trees. There are evergreen trees and deciduous trees. Deciduous trees are the type that lose their leaves during the fall and winter months of the year. Evergreen trees retain their color the entire year. Our tree pruning tips are for deciduous trees.

Why Do You Need to Prune Trees?

Tree pruning and trimming trees is more than just getting rid of dead limbs and branches on the trees in your yard. The process also helps trees grow new, healthy branches in place of the dead limbs.

You want to trim the dead limbs for a few reasons. One of the reasons is because dead branches are not very pretty to look at. The other reason is that a dead branch on a tree could fall at any moment. You do not want the limb to fall and break something beneath it or fall onto you or someone in your family.

The more decayed and hollowed areas you notice on your tree and on its limbs, the greater chance that dead branches and limbs are about to fall off. Raised roots and soil are also an indication that the root structure of the tree is not healthy or strong.

You can trim them or cut them off prior to them falling and causing any damage.

Tree pruning helps with the health of the tree too. Dead branches are a burden for trees to lift up. Crossed branches and vertical branches are also detrimental to the health of a tree.

You will also notice sprouts and small trees that grow around the base of the stump. These plants steal nutrients away from the tree and should be cut down or trimmed as well. This can be done with a pair of handheld trimming shears.

Another reason for pruning your trees is to direct the growth of new branches. After you cut off a dead branch, a new branch will grow in a different direction. If done properly, this should lead to a stronger branch structure for your tree.

Pruning trees also helps them produce fresh fruit and flowers.

When Should You Trim Trees?

If the tree blossoms in the early spring, you should trim it in the summer after the flowers bloom. If the tree blossoms in the late spring, you should prune it in the fall or in the winter. If a tree does not blossom at all then it should be trained during the dormant winter months of the year.

Light trimming is OK in the summer months to ensure the trees look as beautiful as possible but this trimming is more for appearance than maintenance.

How to Prune Trees?

Always keep safety in mind during tree pruning. Be mindful of dead branches that could fall on you and do not trim trees near power lines. If your tree is near a power line you should call a professional tree removal service.

You will need a ladder to trim your trees. Do not climb higher than six feet off of the ground and do not use a chainsaw on a ladder. Learn more basic ladder safety tips.

You can use a hand saw for pruning trees but a pull saw is much safer. You can purchase a pull saw online or at your local hardware store.

If you are cutting down a long branch, do it in sections. Start far away from the tree and saw off the end, then work inwards toward the tree until the entire branch has been cut down.

You do not want to pull bark off the tree during the pruning process. To prevent bark from coming off, you should saw an inch or two into the bottom of the branch and then saw the remainder from the top of the branch. This will create a nice clean cut and not put any additional stress on the tree or its bark.

Be sure to cut down and out when sawing from the top of the branch. You can prune and direct the growth of branches by trimming terminal buds from the end of branches and clearing all smaller branches off the tree to give the main branches more strength.

You should not need to trim your tree more than one or two times each year. If you are not confident in our tree pruning tips you can hire a company to trim your trees for you each year.