It’s Important to Practice Ladder Safety

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Ladders are essential tools for every home and work environment. We use them for all types of indoor and outdoor projects, including pruning trees.

They help us to reach difficult points such as the top of the wall, attic and many other places to complete construction works.

Professionals recommend following few important safety tips for using ladders carefully. There is no doubt to say that ladders can cause lots of terrible accidents when not used properly so it is good to follow right instructions to use to them well.

The very first thing that you need to do is choose appropriate ladder while making a purchase. Prefer to pick the one that has great strength and can stay safe even from electric shocks.

While choosing your ladder, prefer to check the duty rating of your ladder and it must be specified well in terms of user weight as well as materials.

Choose the ladder with right capacity to handle your construction work or home needs. Note that failure to purchase the right product may cause huge damage in future, it can lead to serious injuries and even to death.

Start with the ladder inspection tips to start a safe use:

  • Prefer to check the ladder every time before your climb on it. Go through the bent, damages and broken elements and ensure that it is in good working condition.
  • Take a look at all joints, buts, bolts, and rivets as well as to the steps and rungs so that complete safety can be ensured. Never forget to check rung locks, pulley and spreaders.
  • It is always important to keep your ladder clean and free from snow, mud, oil, grease and wet paint. Also, ensure that your shoes are clean before you climb up. It is not good to use shoes with leather soles to climb up on a ladder.
  • Never ever try to make any temporary repair to the missing or broken parts, it could lead to accidents.
  • If the ladder is exposed to fire or chemical corrosion then it is good to destroy it.

When you need to climb up:

  • Never forget to read the instructions before each use to ensure that for what kind of person and material this ladder is designed. Duty rating and weight included in the current task must be cross-checked.
  • It is important to take help from another person while climbing up to ensure that ladder is placed well. Never use a ladder in the area where kids are playing, take them out first.
  • If your health conditions are not well then it is not good to climb on the ladder.
  • When you are drunk, never try to use a ladder because you may not be able to maintain balance on it.
  • Make efforts to maintain your body weight perfectly between rails of the ladder.

Storage safety tips:

  • Always prefer to place your ladder at a dry and safe place.
  • It must stay clean as well as safe from the attack of foreign particles.
  • Never ever store other materials on the ladder.