Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Old Carpet

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There are so many things that you need to do for making your home a healthier place to live. Dirty areas often welcome diseases and they can make your life complicated. Even if you keep on hiring professional carpet cleaning services to clean your carpet time to time using a top quality vacuum cleaner, a time comes when it demands a replacement.

Most of the people are not able to judge the signs when their carpet need replacement and they keep on living with a dirty one that contains harmful allergens. It could be quite harmful to your kids and pets as well because they often spend most of their time on carpets doing hilarious activities.

Below we have highlighted five major signs when it is the right time to replace your carpet:

  • Pile is matted:

The very first and most common sign for replacement of carpet is the time when pile started matting down. This condition can be commonly observed in high traffic areas. Note that, carpets that are made up of polyester fibers cannot be treated for this matting issue. When the pile starts lying down due to heavy foot traffic, you cannot make it stand again. Even if you call professionals for carpet cleaning, this issue cannot be fixed.

  • Too many stains:

There is no doubt to say that carpets are the most loved place for kids and pets as well. They often love to play on it and spread so many things over it. Ultimately, your carpet becomes full of stains and then it is not possible to use it so long. Even if you have tried your best to cover those stains with furniture items, they cannot be overlooked. The best idea to get rid of these dirty spots is to get a new carpet for your house.

  • Damaged carpet padding:

The carpet padding helps to provide a feeling of resilience and additional cushioning to sit and walk on carpets. Note that, this carpet padding not only works for enhancing comfort for feet rather it also works like best noise buffer for your rooms. The general wear and tear can decay performance of this carpet padding and the best solution for this worn out padding are to replace it.

  • It produces bad odor:

If you start noticing an unpleasant smell from your carpet even after its complete cleaning it means the spills and stains have penetrated deeply into the fibers. It could be a big trouble for your health as well. So the best idea is to get it replaced on time.

  • Allergy symptoms:

Carpet fibers often keep on attracting pet dander, dirt, dust, and many harmful allergens. They can cause harmful diseases to people living inside. In order to ensure good family health for long run, the best idea is to replace your old carpets. You can take help from professionals to accomplish this task carefully.

Prefer to choose healthy and trusted carpet materials for your home carpeting and always hire professionals to complete the carpet installation and hire the professionals from Hello Carpets & Floors for steam cleaning. Or consider laminate or hardwood flooring.